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My ridiculous opera spreadsheet

As of this moment, I've seen 159 live performances of 154 different productions of 125 different operas. I've spent 14 days, 10 hours, and 45 minutes watching these performances. 38.5% of them have been in Italian. How do I know these things? It's because I'm ridiculous and keep a spreadsheet tracking all of the operas I've seen.

The main page of my spreadsheet is just a list of the operas that I have seen with an automated count of live performances, different operas, different productions, and the number of "non-simulcast" performances (i.e. excluding the Met in HD productions). Also included are the title and composer (of course), the company that produced the opera, year the opera premiered, date that I saw the opera and language(s) of the opera.

On the secondary page I have a crapton of data that serves no real purpose. There's a pivot table showing me all the composers of these operas, which I can sort by company as well. For example, I can tell you that I've seen 12 performances of Verdi operas at Lyric, or five Mozart performances simulcast by the Met. There's a timeline that plots the year of the opera vs. the date which I saw the opera. There's a runtime calculation that sums up the time spent watching operas by season. And there's a count of what languages the operas are in (spoiler alert: Italian is running away with it).

If you'd like to check it out for yourself, I've made a PDF of the spreadsheet available for your perusal.

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